We’re going to run the hill that you will encounter on the Sheffield Half Marathon in 7 weeks!

This is a dress rehearsal – timings, gear, nutrition, the lot.

Meet at the PC gym 8.30 and we’ll car share. We’ll be setting off at 7.15 on the day so think yourself lucky.

  1. Have a good carb loaded meal on Friday evening – white rice, white pasta based. Not too much mince – penne arrabiata is my fave.
  2. Lay your kit out on Friday night. Subject to the weather – wear what you intend to wear on raceday – especially shoes and sports bra.
  3. Eat a good breakfast on Saturday – cereals, toast, peanut butter on bagels, etc. Begin hydrating as soon as you awake. Yes this does mean getting up early – 6.00 latest. Coffee is good. Fruit juice too.
  4. Take an energy drink for the journey.
  5. Take 2 energy gels (Holland and Barrett, supermarkets, Sports Direct): High 5, Powerbar or similar – preferably a hydro energy gel – if not hydro you will need a bottle of water to wash it down.
  6. Whatsapp any qustions.

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