It’s not weight loss – it’s fat loss

After 3 weeks of excellent training and good nutrition – Sally was disappointed at her lack of weight loss. She was not ecstatic that she had lost 10% of her body fat. I explained to her that her training (running and strength) had increased the weight of her muscles and compensated for the weight loss of fat. This is common when people first start training or rejoin training. Muscle increases fairly quickly in the first few weeks. But it is also common for people to demand immediate weight loss and quick weight loss. This will not happen if you are training correctly – you need to give it time. You may even add weight for 2-3 weeks as your muscles increase quicker than your fat sheds but this is all setting a better foundation for continued training and body toning. Let someone more qualified than me tell you:

It’s worth noting that body weight can fluctuate in the short term for lots of reasons: mostly relating to water retention. After 4 weeks Sally texted me to say she had lost 3kg and 14% of her initial body fat. This is more of what I would expect after 4 weeks. Why did she suddenly lose 3kg? Well, she was probably carrying too much water before – but whatever the explanation the fact is she has lost 3kg of fat and that is the key underlying stat that will not fluctuate daily. Half a kilo of fat is about all you can lose in a week. Any weight loss more than this means you are probably losing something else: water, bone mass and muscle mass.

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