Well they’ve sworn me to secrecy and definitely no photographs yet – but 2 of them are in the image here. We will have a big unveiling after Christmas (a bit like I’m a Celebrity) when the ladies are looking their best following the festivities.

I can tell you that a good number of them have signed up to run the Sheffield Half Marathon in April. Yes the one with the big hill that goes into the Peak District.

Anyway, it is my privilege to be training them and I’m looking forward to the journey. So we’ve begun our pre-Christmas training in anticipation of the hard work to come in 2018.

First session 27 October 2017:

After a fair amount of moaning, profuse sweating and sounds you don’t associate with ladies – we had finished tying our laces and were ready to run. Ahh a cheap shot and totally gratuitous. Actually, more than half the team have started training with pre-existing injuries or recovering from illness and I still haven’t heard a complaint. It would be an understatement to say that the ladies are a touch over excited and enthusiastic at the moment and I’m trying to hold some of them back from further damage.

A few sessions later:

The injury situation is not improving. I have banned Emma from running at all and this time she seems to have taken notice. Meanwhile the fit ones are making good progress.

Three of the Team are running the Doncaster 10k this weekend! This in itself will be a remarkable achievement given the amount of training they’ve done.

And then there’s Whatsapp!

I used to think it a little tiresome organising an afternoon watching Rugby with mates on this thing. Organising a training session for eight of us is something else. After 45 pings I’m still no nearer to knowing who’s turning up but I do know everyone’s bra sizes and those who have ‘a bit of overhang at the sides’.

And it’s all for charity of course

Yes our ladies are putting their necks on the line for a very worthy cause which they will be announcing shortly.


You now want to know who these heroes are don’t you? There will be salacious pictures released exclusively on this website – it’s part of my contract with them! Just go back and Like myFacebook page and I will keep you updated.

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