Is Weight Loss Everything?

The simple answer if your goal is to lose weight is Yes! But you have to give it time.

One of my clients posted a weight loss of 4.4kg in just two weeks yesterday at the weigh in. This of course is fantastic but he had a lot of weight to lose and has worked hard in the gym and in the kitchen.

Another client has experienced weight gain over the last two weeks – so not so good! But I explained you can’t possibly put on fat in a gym when all you’re doing is expending calories and building muscle. So the logical conclusion is that you’ve consumed more calories outside of the gym or you’ve gained muscle which is heavier than fat. In his particular case I believe it is the latter. And this is a common occurrence. If you haven’t exercised for a while and in particular if you haven’t lifted weights you will build muscle quickly in the first few weeks.

Most clients struggle to lose weight in the first few weeks and can get disillusioned but this is a journey and your body composition is changing to the new rigours of exercise. We’re seeking weight loss over the medium to long term – half a kilo (1lb) per week is a healthy measure over the term. This is a stone every three months.

So the message is – don’t expect big weight losses to begin with but it will come.

Another client was also disappointed with her weigh in even though losing on average a pound per week. And she seemed even more disappointed that the weight loss didn’t match the four comments she had received from friends who said she was looking trimmer. And she is – noticeably!

So the next message is don’t dwell on the numbers. Over time the numbers will come down but if you’re looking and feeling better then take that as a positive. Don’t trust the scales – trust your jeans. And imagine yourself 6 months from now.

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